Hair Texture Directory

What makes (wavy, curly, coily) so unique?

 From loose wavy hair to the tightest curly afro, curly girls are embracing their natural curls more and are now one of the biggest trends in hairstyling.

Each hair type can be broken down into 3 main categories: wavy, curly, or coily hair. 

Wavy hair is the loosest of all the curl patterns which is usually defined by it’s S curl shape. While both curly and coily textured hair tend to have ringlets giving these textures more body and volume. Although they may seem similar, there are differences in curly and coily hair. Curly hair, usually retains more moisture leaving the curl more silky in texture. Coily hair, is likely to have more defined ringlets. Although the very tight strands of coily hair can be identified with a zig-zag formation which is prone to shrinkage. Coily hair or Afro-textured/kinky hair is naturally dry and spongy in texture.

What are the biggest concerns with each hair type?

For wavy hair, we constantly get asked which products are great for adding volume. If the hair is thick it’s easier to style but if you have wavy fine hair styling can be a challenge.

Curly hair, the main objective is frizz-control. Finding the right product that will keep their curls define all day.

Coily hair have the same issue maintaining a define curls, but moisture become the main feature when looking for the right curl cream.

We search for ingredients formulated to be water-soluble and that is great for anti-frizz and  moisture retention.


Which combination of Contents products should each hair curly type consider?

For wavy hair (2A-C) lighter products like light creams works great with loose wavy hair. My favorite products for wavy hair is Contents Earth Silk Glossifyer. It’s lightweight that add moisture and is excellent for keeping curls and waves in place. All you need is a small which goes a long way.
After shampoo and conditioner, apply a small amount in hand from the ends and work your way up.

For Curly hair (3A-C)  Contents Style and Go leave-in Conditioner leave curls smooth, soft and hydrated. Packed with amazing ingredients  like Maringo, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Sunflower Oil and more. This product gives curls shine and moisture while eliminate frizz.

For coily hair (4A-C) Coily hair needs a products with more frizz- control ingredients, Contents Style and Go leave-in Conditioner and Contents Skin & Scalp Conditioning Cream are great for frizz, dryness and giving a defines curl without stiffness. Leaving the hair with shiny bouncing curls.

Curly and Coily hair: After shampoo and conditioner, apply a medium amount of Contents Style and Go leave-in Conditioner. For extremely dry or damages hair use a plastic cap for 5-10 minutes (apply heat if needed) and style & go.