Contents Hair Care wins SELF Beauty Awards

Contents Hair Care wins SELF Beauty Awards

We are excited to announce our win for the 2021 SELF Beauty Award for the Best Healthy Hair Care products. Our mission is to use the best nature herbal ingredients that is effective in achieving results. Read what expert said about our Skin & Scalp Conditioning Cream. 


“Our testers enjoyed this lemongrass-scented cream and how moisturizing it is without adding weight, leaving healthy, happy skin and hair. Its ingredients list is short and sweet (see here), which experts say is a good thing, and it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals, which is great for reducing breakage in natural hair.”

Bonus points, per the experts: This treatment contains shea butter, which experts recommend for hydrating natural hair, as well as grapeseed oil, a lighter-weight oil which stylists recommend for fine hair.

One tester said: “As someone with 4C hair, my mane needs constant moisture, so I'm always on the lookout for super hydrating styling products. I was excited to try this conditioning cream from Cheryl T Bergamy, an amazing celebrity hairstylist who has worked with stars like Shahadi Wright Joseph of Us movie fame. The cream did not disappoint. While it's packed full of moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and grapeseed oil, the cream isn't heavy. It leaves my hair feeling super soft and moisturized—and it gives my mane a nice shine and tames flyaways without making it look or feel greasy.”


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