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Hair Q&A

 How do you define natural hair?

 Natural hair is great for its versatility. You can style it straight, curly, afro, body wave, or beach wave. The amazing thing about natural hair is, it can’t be placed in a box. The hair manipulation is endless. This a beautiful and exciting pallet for any hair artist.

 What do you think is one of the most important things about washing natural hair?

 Detangling and washing natural hair can be tricky if you are new to taking care of your hair. One of my easy go-to methods is, I usually mix half conditioner and half water into a spray bottle followed by parting the hair into sections using a wide-tooth comb and/or detangling brush. The hair should be damp ( which will soften your hair) before you shampoo it. Which makes it easier to maintain.

 Some women prefer to wash their hair in sections, what are the pros/cons of this? 

 PRO- It is easier, especially for women with medium to tight curl patterns. It does keep it from tangling. Doing this method is great if you’re washing your hair in the shower. CON- Hair texture that is long, thick, and coarse, and for those who are doing it yourself you may still have buildup still left in your hair if the method is washing it over the sink.

 Should you leave the conditioner in the hair or rinse it completely out?

 Both!  You should remove the conditioner from the scalp but leave some conditioner on the ends to add moisture. Textured hair absorbs moisture so leaving a little conditioner in the hair works even if you’re still using a leave-in conditioner (if the hair is dry).

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